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KreditBesked - Business sales, Mergers and Acquisitions

Thinking of selling your business? We offer expert advice and help during the buying or selling process. Whether it involves financial advice, business contacts or helping you to locate new business opportunities, we are here to guarantee that the whole process runs smoothly to optimize value and avoid unnecessary or costly pitfalls for all parties involved.


We are leading experts, specializing in the European and Scandinavian market, offering advice and expertise during the sale, merger & acquisition process of commercial businesses.


Whether you are interested in selling your business at aspiration value or want to learn how to create growth through buying or expanding your business – KreditBesked offers leading edge services with a global reach through our well-established networks.


With many years within the industry and our wide established international networks, we have a strong track record of providing forefront services to a wide range of clients from various industries, both within Scandinavian and International markets.


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Our high-profile experts offer advice through the whole buying and selling process.


If you want to discuss the future direction of your business and explore new opportunities, please contact us now for a free consultation.


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Our services

With our strong track record and extensive experience within Scandinavian and International markets, we offer our clients a global reach. KreditBesked provides a wide range of services and serves both sellers and buyers a like. Our experienced staff offers advice in any issues concerning a buy or sell-out; fund raising, tax and financial planning, strategic growth planning and assists in negotiations or disputes of any nature.


KreditBesked make sure that the selling and buying process runs smoothly and safely for all stakeholders involved. We connect buyers with sellers and offer practical and financial advice during negotiations as well as after a deal has been set. As we work for both the seller and buyer, we always guarantee a fair and impartial approach.


  • Sell a business

The process of closing the deal when selling a company normally takes up to 8 or 10 months. The first step is usually a valuation were we offer the client a 10-page prospectus. As a result of this prospectus, we will then give our advice on future business opportunities and possible future   business directions. We will then begin the process of searching for buyers or sellers through our well-established industry networks. We can then present a list of interesting companies to sell to, buy out or merge with.


The opportunities are seldom few and there are often many questions that need to be brought to the agenda before taking further action. Therefore, our wide customer network is extremely important to us as our business is relying on the satisfaction from the clients. As a result, we always strive to improve our services by continuously developing the way we do business. We always guarantee our clients’ continuous intermediation and guidance during the whole decision-making and negotiation process in order to maximize the value for all parties involved.


Thinking of selling the whole or part of your business? Don’t hesitate to contact us now! We are happy to answer any of your questions.


  • Valuations

With decades of experience, KreditBesked consider a variety of complex factors when evaluating the value of a company. Due to our leading edge techniques, we always present realistic and impartial business values. As a trusted third party, we act as a mediator who represent and support both clients in reaching a fair agreement. Not only does our valuations work as a proof of how well a business is doing, but it also helps to create a clear understanding of were a business is today and can work as a platform for future strategic goals.


Interested in a business valuation? Contact us now! A member of our team is happy to answer your questions or discuss and concerns.


  • Buy a Business

The ease and risk associated with acquiring an already established business is usually less significant than if expanding business overtime. Acquiring supplemental businesses through vertical integration, such as a distributor or producer buy-out, can offer many advantages and cost reductions.


Don’t start a new business!

As an example, 45% out of every new start-up ceases to exist within three years. By obtaining another companies already established accounts receivable, the invoice process becomes much more quantifiable and easier to estimate the following months ahead, as opposed to recruit new sales personnel which is often time consuming, costly and risky.

Each new salesperson often costs up to 1 million SEK/year and are not profitable until November/December if hired in January.


Contact us now to discuss any new business opportunities or book in a meeting. Please see a selection of our Business for Sale!



KreditBesked also acts as a dealer in the search of optimizing your financing options and further helps you to secure lower interest rates and extended payment terms.


Our third party role helps us to close deals that our client has difficulties to obtain themselves in negotiations.


KreditBesked also offer other miscellaneous services: 

-Financing of a supplier from the start (getting more secured delivery and also higher discounts as a cash buyer up front)

-Financing of shipments

-Financing of warehouses

-Financing of accounts receivables in many countries

-Financing of one invoice with risk elimination

-Financing of customers through leasing and payment plans

-Risk evaluation of customers and suppliers

-Collection of debts



KreditBesked works for both buyers and sellers when dealing with negotiations. Weather it involves sales, buy-outs, mergers or acquisitions, we work as an impartial third party, representing and supporting both clients in order to reach optimized business deals.  With leading experts in various business areas, we offer the best advice on any business issues, disputes or conflicts that might arise during the negotiation process. We make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible in order to reduce unnecessary expenditure or hours in waste for all parts involved.


Recent deals

With 30 years within the industry, operating from our headquarters in Stockholm Sweden, we have become specialist both within the Scandinavian and global market. Our wide business networks and many years within the industry have helped us to build strong contacts with financial institutions as well as legal experts that can help with financial and tax issues alike.


Our good reputation and strong track record speak for itself.


Businesses for sale


1. Transport and Shipping Company, Stockholm

Parcels/carrier business in the greater Stockholm area. 10 vehicles. Very profitable. 25 MSEK Turnover. Market value -8 MSEK. 


2. Brasserie and Restaurant, Vasastaden area, Stockholm

60 dinning seats with the rights to utilize more than 40 seats for outdoor dinning. All rights included. Bar and reception room available to rent for private parties. Good and stable turnover. Market price -4 MSEK.


3. Barbershop, Established 1920, Stockholm

40 Kvm uniquely decorated barbershop, centrally located at Karlbergsvägen, Vasastaden. More than 300 registered customers. Market value -400 000 SEK. Acceptable price -200 000 SEK.


4. Mechanical Company

A niche industry specializing in--, with a large customer base mostly consisting of small to middle size businesses. Established in 1950 with belonging property. Turnover 35 MSEK. Market value -8 MSEK.


5. Gold Trading Company, Sweden

Automatic and safe business trading with gold, silver and closely related materials and metals. Well established and known brand. Turnover 24 MSEK. Market value -1,5 MSEK. 


Businesses wanted


1. Shipping company, Stockholm

Turnover 2-10 MSEK


 2 Smaller shipping freight dealer, Stockholm

Market value up to 4 MSEK.


3. Debt Collector Company.

Midsized- and bigger companies with stocks of default invoices on smaller companies.


4.Market-valuation Company, Greater Stockholm Area

Offering qualitative and quantitative analyses for a variety of loyal customers.

Market value up to 5 MSEK.


5. Residential Properties, Puerto Banús, Marbella, Spain

20 Modern properties situated in the area between Marbella and San Pedro. 

Market value up to 20 MSEK.

Fully financed today.



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